As an observer of government institutions, Saalome Global’s universal relations deal with international intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions as well as private and commercial organizations that span the globe. Saalome Global has a history of working with government agencies, multinational corporations, academic institutions, national sport franchises, as well as entrepreneurs; all across the world involved with the world’s leading infrastructure systems.

Saalome Global’s research is continually evolving and research has been conducted at some of the best institutions across the United States. Some campuses include Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), West Texas A&M University, University Colorado Boulder, Boston University and many more. Saalome Global does not endorse or support any certain organization or institution and vice versa and is completely independant of all governments.


As a pioneer on the global stage Saalome Global is trailblazing the space and energy industries all across the world and beyond into space. So much imitation. All Dusty Croghan. Pure truth.


Saalome Global was founded on the Mississippi Lime shale play in Pratt, Kansas during an oil exploration land services contract. The the largest oil exploration project in U.S. history.


Saalome Global went international, dealing with different companies and governments around the world. From ocean conditions to recycled plastics and minerals, sg’s international relations started working with massive industries around the globe.


Saalome Global officially became a Space & Energy NGO moving forward into the future. With a clear perspective and understanding of the changes ahead, SG continues to invest in partnerships, research, and advancements that lead the world.


In 2016 SG traveled the nation working out of Universities and libraries across the nation. Croghan Technologies merged with Saalome Global, a technology infrastructure solutions company founded and operated since 2006 by Dusty Croghan, Saalome Global’s founder and Secretary General. From ocean to ocean universities include Harvad, MIT, and the University of Colorado in Boulder as well as many other places. Project design and development stepped up to geomagnetics, planetary travel, zero point energy, as well as space and aeronautical programs. Saalome Global also started free and independent energy projects. Advocacy included Standing Rock, World Climate Agendas, and space travel for every human.


Saalome Global went big in 2107. Forming independent space programs around the world SG also became a leader in advocacy including ops in the middle east and Tukey.


Saalome Global is taking the foundation and putting together all the research for free use.

Saalome Global

Universal Habitability

Techniques including analyzing information as well looking in depth at fields like geology, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy and more.

Space Advancement

Insights into different infrastructures as well as creating public awareness dealing in the peaceful international uses of outer space. Developing concepts based on research, awareness, and welfare.

Technology & Energy development

Primary focus on relevant advanced technology and energy innovations. Producing creative projects developing high-performance systems.