A comprehensive framework and base of knowledge on the Earth’s climate as well as environmental problems facing our species and habitats. A basic foundation in both earth changes and policy including what to look for ahead.


Global Warming is without a doubt one of the most fundamental concepts that the future of humanity is based on. It can simply be defined as the increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and the effects of the oceans. Global Warming has been occurring at different times on the earth as long as our world has existed. With that being said, so has global cooling.


CO2 is not a primary driver of climate change despite the common perception. Both space and earth based technologies allow man to engineer the climate. Natural periods of cooling and warming have occurred giving way to different earth periods, associated with a instances like glacier advances and retreats. Carbon is in no way a threat to us now.


Climate patterns correlate with sun cycles and have been recorded over the ages.  Climate change is a natural rhythm. The sun works throughout every aspect of our lives and co-creates with us as well as our solar system. Although the sun may have the greatest impact, the planets and the moon, as well as their positions, have effects on us as well.


Climate change is a large piece of the global political and corporate agenda. Frameworks at sub-regional, regional and international levels are being developed for the transfer and application of new technologies and infrastructures.  Carbon pricing methods are being implemented to charge those who emit carbon dioxide.


Climate change issues facing us today are not important in any ways other than politically and economically. Mainstream figures and research involve mostly corporate science, economics, and politics. Carbon dioxide in no way is an issue.

A global overview of a different warming and cooling periods give insight to climate cycles and the reaction of Earth.  Looking at different scientific bodies like time periods and glacier research it becomes clear that change is naturally occurring.

Artificial modification of Earths climate has a large effect on weather patterns.  Policy and mainstream industry play a large part in the world’s overall perception.  The sun and our universe are key factors in the expansions we are currently seeing.